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Bila mereka BERSATU.

saje je nak wat gempak actuali.
just nak share one story..friendship story.hehehe. speaking jap okay.
this happen four years ago in a small town call BINTANGOR.
nothing to proud with the town okay. Just a SMALL town for me..dunno otherS..
what make me proud is, BINTANGOR had become a place which a BEST FRIENDSHIP ever grow within me, them, they.yeah, it all the same actually.hehe..

im SURE u fEeL weird because im the only guy there right?relax dude. Don't you think that im the luckiest one? the only selected one's. People would say it would say it weird, but, LIKE I CARE!! happy to know and meet them..thanks God for giving me chance to know and built a friendship with them..

It's been 4 years now. Time flies and what's left is the memories. Everything is still fresh in my mind, though. It felt like it was just yesterday we spent the night at Miss Nel's 'Condo'.huhu...
Everyone miss the nights. In fact we miss every single moment we had spent together, from the pre Forum to the post Forum to the reunion.damn much.

We laughed.
We gossiped.
We got emo.
We cried.
We munched.
We sang.

O yea, we have a heart-to-heart talk as well right? Still remember that one of my friend Beattrice kantoi that time. Me, yea, it was i who started it. I took her phone just to check it out. And she forgot that she have just sent a text to someone. There you go, 'Delivered to: Honey' popped out when the phone was already with me. Haha..she was caught red-handed.

And that was when everyone has to talk about their private life, including Miss Nel our only gorgeous, adorable and elegant teacher.  
AND, still im remember till now. Beattrice, do you still remember the quote that you say it out.."Cantik meh...?"
hahaha...everyone laugh at you. Yeah, we dont blame you because you doesn't know the truth yet. And after you know about it, what more, LAUGH dude!!hahaha...
to MISS Re don't angry ya.i just a bit joke on that time.hehehe..
But..time pass so fast. All that have become a greatest memory of all..

I miss that moment! Can we rewind the time please?

i really miss all of them. Hardly to find a group member and indeed a best friend like them..what can i say? 


For information,
D' Kenz (pronounced as 'The Kench') is our group name... I mean Forum group name.
And FYI, it's Forum BM not English.
Miss THEM like crazy!!!!!

Now, hardly to meet them. All of us separate. To continue our own study. But, what you all need to know, all of us now involve in one job option. TEACHER. WE PROUD TO BE A TEACHER. NO DOUBT.hahaha...only Dorina which continue her study at UKM there. 
A liltle bit info.
1. RE Da Kenz = IPG Rajang Bintangor.
2. Mel Da Kenz= IPG Batu Lintang. But now at Otago New Zealand. 
3. Beat Da Kenz= IPG Gaya. But now at Plymouth UK.
4. Dorina Da Kenz = UKM, Kampus Bangi.
5. ME? IPG Terengganu
6. Miss Nel = Teaching at SMK KAI Chung.

thats all from me..enjoy it okay.some bit sharing here bout my great friendship.hhehe..

feel free, drop to my friend Blog, which i got CP from her entry.hehe..some sharing happen here okay.permission was given by her.thanks beat.

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